Intelligent Traffic Systems in Tampa, Florida

Florida Safety Contractors deploys intelligent traffic systems state wide to provide real time traffic solutions. We install these fiber optic communication systems to provide the state as well as the traveling public notifications of accidents up ahead and to ultimately make our roads as safe as possible. Using the technology of a fiber optic backbone, this allows cameras, microwave detectors and dynamic message signs to communicate back to a central hub were the state can monitor traffic impediments and delays. This data allows the state to then make decisions as to where roadway modifications need to be addressed in the future.

Message Signs - Intelligent Traffic Systems

A Smooth Ride through Traffic

We are proud to offer an all-inclusive range of services regarding our traffic systems. From pulling fiber optic cabling to building the infrastructure for Ethernet switches, encoders, and other devices, we can do it all. We also offer in-house testing and integration.
We design, install, and service a range of fiber optic network-based intelligent traffic systems, including:

• Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV)
• Microwave Detection Systems (MVDS)

• Highway Advisory Radio Systems (HAR)
• Dynamic Message Signs (DMS)